Catalyst: Dynamically Balanced Study Skills

The Catalyst: Dynamically Balanced Study Skills program has one purpose: to help students study more effectively and efficiently, which results in actually learning more and getting better grades. Period!

Whether you're in middle school, high school, college or technical school, the stakes are high if you want to compete and succeed. The bottom line is LEARNING. If you are returning to school after a career or after many years away from the academic setting, this program can be invaluable. It's your grades and your future that are at stake. 

The program will run in any web browser and contains the following sections: Click on any of the following links to get a description of that section.

What Type of Learner are You? 

Learning Temperaments.
What Motivates You?,
Making a Schedule and Sticking to It.
Writing Reports, Papers and Themes. 
Study Tactics. 
Power Study Tips. 
Study Tips from Students. 
Test Anxiety. 
How to Get Better Math Grades. 
Final Exams. 

ADPRIMA'S study skills page is ranked #2 by Google and Bing for an  "effective study skills"  search. For just plain old "study skills" it is ranked in the top 15 on a list of over 3 million web pages, and we take great pride in that. The Catalyst: Balanced Study Skills program contains a significantly enhanced version of all the information in the ADPRIMA study skills page, but has much more depth and coverage as well as new, essential topics.

Perhaps one other plus is worth mentioning: The Catalyst: Dynamically Calanced Study Skills program was not written by a coimmittee. It is the work of one person. In education, this is often a positive, as you will readily see once you start using it.

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The Catalyst:  Dynamically Balanced Study Skills program is an update to the Study Skills for School Success 2.0 Program.  It contains all the information of the Study Skills for School Success 2.0 program plus additional study tips from students, additional study information, and a new section on take-home examinations.

  The Catalyst: Dynamically Balanced Study Skills program works!  It is written in plain language to be understood and actually help students
  Use the program whenever you want - study it at your own pace
  Includes a printer-friendly version so you can keep a copy in your notebook for easy reference
 Improve your learning skills - proven techniques to help you get better grades
  Easy to use, understand and apply - learn how to study smarter, and not just harder
  The best information all in one place about how to study and learn - what works and what doesn't work
  Now includes a special section on how to get good math grades
  Author has over 35 years in all levels of education: middle school and high school teacher, college professor, director of student academic services, and academic adviser to over 500 college level students

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