Below are some comments, listed in order of the most recent to the earliest, from users of the original versions of Monster Learning Skills, Study Skills for School Success 1.0 and 2.0, and now Catalyst: Dynamically Balanced Study Skills, which is a cumulative update to all previous versions.

"I've used this now for two semesters. It is one of the best tools I have ever seen.  From using it, I understand more, I have mastered what it takes to hone in on important materials, pay attention in class and not be distracted so easily, and do MUCH, MUCH better on tests and assignments.  You have written it in a way that makes so much sense, and get to the point right away. Worth much more than you charge."

Great program.  It won't necessarily make you an A student, but it does explain what you must do in order to improve. You are very honest in your claims. Thanks."

"Thanks for this well thought out program. Your advice was greatly received, and you write in such a good way. Very helpful and it make sense to me."

"This is  sweet program, and it has really made a difference. The organization of the material is spot-on, and I love how you explain things in such an easy to understand way. You are right about so many things that most of us never think about or take for granted"

"Your program hits the perfect balance between really helpful tips and techniques and being not preachy.  I've spent money on other programs, which didn't really connect with me. But yours did, and I can already see the difference.  Thanks much."

"The Study Skills for School Success is a very helpful , useful and extremely well-written program. I appreciate very much how the information is arranged, and also that you write in a very clear way. Best of all, you write like your readers have a functioning brain in their heads. Thank you,"

"This is a great set of ideas and information for studying more effectively. I really like the way you explain things, and you speak to your readers in an easy to understand way. I have already put some of your principles to work, and, wow, they work! Thanks"

"Thanks again for your quick response!
We have already put some of the information to work for my son."

"I would recommend this program to anyone wishing to learn a more effective way to study."

"Bought the new Study Skills for School Success and it is just great. I really like the section on how to get better grades in math, which I need. Your sense of how to motivate students is wonderful, and you write very clearly. Many thanks."

"You are right about rebooting your brain. I had such stupid study habits that I was in a trap. Your program really helped, and it was like rebooting my brain. Many, many thanks."

"This is one sweet program. You don't mince words, and you don't waste my time. Your recommendations resulted in my GPA going from a 2.3 to a 3.1!"

"I swear, it seems like you're talking to me in this program, and you sir are,  quite effective."

"Your 2.0 version is the best value on the Internet or anywhere, for that matter. The stuff you present really makes sense."

"This is a super program.  You explained AND motivated me. I'm grateful."


"Wow!!! Thanks for making this sweet program. There is a lot of good advice and I intend to follow your recommendations."

"Definitely worth every penny. You motivated me as well as taught me important stuff. Neat!"

"I only wish other programs I've bought were half as good as yours. You have a great way of explaining what to do, and I love how you are NOT WORDY or judgmental. It really works, but as you said, you've got to want to do better. Thank you so much."

"Dr. Kizlik, your Monster Learning Skills is a really good help for becoming smarter about studying and learning. You are 100% right when you say that no program will work unless you are motivated. There is no substitute for that! Thanks, and keep up the good work."

"This is sooooo good. I really like that it is written in easy to understand language, and that you don't make me feel dumb for needing help. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!"

"Thank you for this program.  I've used others, but yours is just plain great.  Because of you, I finally (10th grade) get it.  You are so right."

"A wonderful program. My school has it in the library, but I wanted my own copy to keep and use at home.  You have the best ideas anywhere, and that's a fact."

"You are so right. The tips and information in your program works for me. A lot of my friends agree. Again, it's not so long and complicated and wordy as others, but it delivers.  Thanks."

"This is really neat. Not so long and complicated as many others, but you sure pack  a lot of great info into this that really helped me and continues to help. Thanks again."

"Thank you. After going through the program, you made me realize that it is I who am responsible for my own learning. The tips and techniques you describe are wonderful, well written, and make sense. Thanks also for motivating me. You are one of the few who ever did this."

"This is a real bargain, and neatly explains and summarizes what you need to know and do to not just study better, but also to learn easier and have it be more long lasting."

"I like how you guided me through what I need to know and do without boring me to death. Thanks"

"Super program and super ideas. It's made a difference for the better."

"Works like a charm. You've got to want to improve, but the author provides plenty of motivation."

"My mom got this for me, and by using the ideas and advice from Dr. Kizlik, my grades went up and I have a much better attitude about school."

"Not one regret or problem with the program. Thanks for a great product that is well worth the price I paid."

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