Mini Bio

Robert Kizlik


Ph.D. University of Virginia
M.Ed. Florida Atlantic University
B.A. Florida Atlantic University

Professional Experience (earliest to present)

Resource teacher
Classroom teacher
Curriculum writer
University coordinator
Adjunct Instructor, University of Virginia
Adjunct Instructor, Palm Beach Community College
University director of numerous projects, including:
    Center for Economic Education
    Special Projects
    School Service Center
University Assistant Dean
University Acting Dean
University Director of College of Education Office for Academic and 
     Student Services
University Acting Chairperson, Department of Exceptional Student 
University Associate Professor

Courses Taught

Florida Atlantic University

EDG 5931: Curriculum Perspectives: Theory to Practice * 
EDG 5931: Elementary - Middle - Secondary Curriculum
SSE 4361:  Social Studies: Middle and Secondary
SSE 4150:  Social Studies: Elementary and Middle Grades
EDG 5931: Teaching Thinking Skills
EDA 5931: Administrative Applications of Educational Technology
EDG 6989: Faculty Curriculum Study
EDG 5930: Special Topics: Instruction and Learning
EDG 4930: Curriculum Study
EDA 6924: Administrative Extern Workshop
EDAS 500: Organization and Administration of American Education
EDE 6205: Elementary School Curriculum *
EDM 6235: Middle School Curriculum * 
ESE 6215: Senior High School Curriculum * 
EDG 6935: Seminar in Curriculum
EDAS 608: Systematic Planning and Management in Education
ECON 498: Concepts and Structures in Economics
ED 598: Curriculum Design

* taught as both distance learning and a regular classroom course

Palm Beach Community College

PHI 1100: Art of Thinking

University of Virginia

GSED 157: Performance Based Instruction
GSED 158: Performance Based Curriculum

Projects and Activities

Several grants from the U.S. Department of Education, Florida Department of Education, foundations, and local school systems dealing with such areas as:

    Title III Curriculum Development
    Community College Vocational/Technical Studies
    Administrative Assessment
    Economic Education

Other Stuff

I have written social studies and science curricula that were implemented in several states.

I have taught non-credit courses on such topics as Systems Analysis, Improvement of Teaching, PERT Charting, Flowcharting, Task Analysis, Home Computers, Program Evaluation, Games and Simulations in Education, and Administrative Assessment.

I have written hundreds of reports, and was directly responsible for two successful teacher education accreditation visits (NCATE, DOE, BOR) at Florida Atlantic University. At one time, I was responsible for proofreading doctoral dissertations for my college. In addition, I have chaired dozens of university, college, and department committees, and been a member of many others.

I have conducted in excess of 100 workshops for inservice teachers on subjects ranging from writing objectives to using technology in the classroom. I have made presentations at major conferences, including the First International Conference on Educational Technology held in New York City in 1971, and I have attended dozens of others.

Among other things, I have been an evaluator for a Title III reading project in Virginia, and also developed and taught two graduate courses for the University of Virginia while I was a doctoral student there.

I have been a consultant to dozens of school systems, been a member of SACS university visitation committees, am a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Instructional Media, which I also host on my web site. I have published articles on topics ranging from flowcharting to teacher education. My most current article "Change vs. Improvement in Education"  appeared in Vol. 29 No. 3 of IJIM. 

I was a member of Phi Delta Kappa from 1971 to 1999. I was vice president of the University of Virginia Chapter for one year, and an original member and for a time, newsletter editor of  the current FAU chapter.

I developed and operate the ADPRIMA web site. ADPRIMA began  in 1997 and is currently linked to hundreds of school systems and many universities. ADPRIMA is a major interest to me. ADPRIMA has achieved some good ranking on Google, and more recently, BING,  which is a Microsoft search engine, and is surprisingly good.

I have several publications for the Kindle or tablet pc. One is "The Bucci Strain: Imprint" - a thriller and the other is Catalyst: Dynamically Balanced Study Skills.  Both are in Kindle format available from Amazon.

I am working on another fiction novel entitled "Buzzy's Point," which concerns a topic that is in the news a great deal.  I have completed "Catalyst: Tools for Effective Teaching" available now in interactive CD format or as a download through the ADPRIMA site.  I also offer my program to help students develop study skills as well as learning skills. It is called "Catalyst: Dynamically Balanced Study skills" and is available as either a download or on CD. The study skills program is also available for the Kindle In that vein, I am an avid reader, averaging about 40-50 books a year, mainly in areas of history, historical fiction, and adventure/mystery/thriller. I also enjoy building computers. I began doing this back in the late  1980s. I've lost track of how many, but I estimate between 13  and 17. As a matter of fact I built all the desktop computers (4)  currently in my home. Laptops, no way.

I began working for real at age 13. It was the summer before I started high school. In order to get a job, I lied about my age. I got hired as a laborer unloading sod trucks. Each piece of sod was 1'x2' and weighed about 12 pounds. A typical sod load on a truck was around 1000 pieces. It was maybe the hardest work I've ever done. I have also worked in non-education jobs including retail salesman, house painter, delivery man, computer assembler and tester, and dockworker. My first 12 years of education, for the most part, were under the auspices of Dominican nuns and Jesuit priests.  Immediately following high school, I enlisted for three years in the U.S. Army, serving in Korea, Okinawa, and other Asian locations. I was in STRAC, completed training at the Army Infantry Leadership School at Ft. Benning, and specialized in communications. I held a top secret security clearance and actually turned down an opportunity to go to West Point at the onset of the Vietnam War. I have come close to death several times but managed to stay alive (obviously). I believe I have paid my dues in full. I began my college education at age 20 and financed my undergraduate degree by working nights and weekends. I took a year off between my sophomore and junior years to work full time for RCA. Given all that, I still finished my undergraduate degree 3 1/2 years after I started it and from that experience, I can tell you a lot about motivation and drive.  Needless to say, upon graduation I was exhausted.

I have a lot of favorite things, including books, food, friends, movies, etc. For a list of my favorite non-education books, click hereI consider myself spiritual and moral but not particularly religious. Self-reliance and autonomy are two virtues that I prize in myself as well as in others.

I am married, and have one married son. My wife has her doctorate in mathematics education and is a National Board Certified high school mathematics teacher. My son has an M.A. in statistics from Columbia University,  and is currently a  university mathematics instructor. The most important thing in my life is my family.  It's as simple as that.


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