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Updated January 2, 2017 

There is certainly no dearth of information about colleges on the Internet, but any person, young or old faced with making a decision about a college will soon find that at best it is a difficult task. The best college for one person might be the absolute worst for another. The tough thing about it is that you can't really "undecide" once you start down a path into which you or your parents, or both, have made a considerable investment in time, money, and aggravation. To help you make a good decision, ADPRIMA has identified some resources. The following are comprehensive sources for  for over 3400 US and foreign colleges, schools, and specialized institutions of higher learning. The given links will take you directly to the home pages of the institutions you select. 

Graduate Degree Advantage is a valuable resource for obtaining information that can be helpful in choosing the right graduate school. has a very comprehensive list of colleges that offer education degrees, requirements, and information on graduate level degree programs.
Best Colleges is a great resource for finding the best online colleges. It is very comprehensive and includes many resources to help you make a wise choice. is an excellent resource for anyone seeking information about degree programs for teachers and administrators, as well as other areas of expertise connected to the profession.
Forbes Magazine America's Top Colleges This is an invaluable resource for gathering information about US colleges to help you make an informed choice.
Greenville College programs offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of majors including health, information systems, and more.

Florida Career College: The college that cares. Specializing in career training. has lots of information and useful links.
Embark is really great. Research schools, apply to more than 400 on-line from the site. Central gives you late breaking news on colleges and programs. The focus is distance learning, but there's lots more here than that.

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