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Classroom Management

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Dr. Bob Kizlik

December 12, 2017

There is absolutely nothing that results in more stress and anxiety of new teachers and those preparing to become teachers than classroom management. It is this one aspect of teaching that is often the cause of the staggering, disappointing number of people to enter teaching and leave within a few years. It is also the one area of skill that is hard to teach education students or those otherwise engaged in a teacher preparation program. It is first of all a skill, and a very complex one at that. As you will discover when you visit the ADPRIMA pages on classroom management, there is no substitute for common sense, an understanding of the age and maturity level of the students, and an internalization of some fundamental principles. Teachers who are good at classroom management are organized and have a good sense of what they want and don't want. These skills manifest themselves when one is actually teaching in a range from ineffective to mastery -- dependent in part, I am sure, on one's temperament for teaching in the first place.

Student learning, lesson planning, and effective teaching are not possible without effective classroom management. It's the no-brainer of all times, but it happens, and it negatively affects everything that we refer to as schooling and education.

So with that said, begin with the two links below in the order they appear.

Classroom Management: The Basics

Classroom Management Mistakes

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