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Millions of college students take courses and even get entire degrees via the Internet. The quality of on-line courses is in most cases equal to, if not superior to regular classroom courses. With the costs of transportation such as gasoline, insurance, parking, and maintenance going up, plus the time it takes to drive to campus. it's no wonder on-line learning is more popular than ever. It really is in your interests to find out more to see if these kinds of courses fit your needs.

As with any important decision, before entering into any online education contract, always be sure to check the institution for accreditation, all application and matriculation fees, and also be sure to get a list of the faculty and their qualifications. 

What follows is some general information and help in making a decision. I have designed and taught online courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and I believe that the learning experiences in these courses were at least equal to, if not superior to those of regular classroom courses. To assist you, I have devised a scale that helps determine whether you have the aptitude to benefit from online courses. Please click here to use it.  Your browser will open the page in a new window. Please return to this page to explore all the opportunities and alternatives for on-line courses, programs, degrees and certifications.


Dr. Bob Kizlik

Career teachers require a combination of qualifications, experience and continuing education. In addition to a formal qualification, good teaching requires commitment to the ongoing acquisition of skills and learning. Further, promotion, career advancement, and salary are often linked to postgraduate qualifications, such as Continuing Education Credits or a master’s degree in Education. However, for most teachers the demands of a full academic timetable leave little time and energy for professional development.

Teach Yourself

Many people see online study as an isolating experience but, in fact, successful online classes develop a sense of community, with email communication, shared lesson plans, discussion forums and real-time interaction in some situations. The variety of online programs is growing exponentially; giving a range of study that is the equivalent of courses available on-campus. An online format allows teachers to take advantage of uncommitted time in their schedules and gives access to courses that could not be attended physically because of geographical and teaching constraints. The right course can complement the ongoing teaching syllabus, giving an immediate boost to students.

Online Education Schools for Teacher Programs

I used to have many links here to schools, colleges and universities that offer online programs and onlline degrees. However, since almost every institution offers some sort of online program, I felt it best to just tell you to simply enter "online education" into one of the popular search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo and get thousands of links and make you own decisions..


There are increasing opportunities to take courses and earn degress in online experiences. In today's fast moving world, most adults will change careers at least twice. Online education can be a way to make it happen for the better!

Benefits of an online education

An online qualification might be useful for the individual to progress his or her career, but it can have a positive result for more than the participant.  Employers also benefit from the in-house expertise in web research and teaching techniques using online technologies, and access to the wider academic community. Anyone who seeks a challenging and useful learning experience need look no further than a computer with Internet access to get it all.

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