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User Feedback on Catalyst: Tools for Effective Teaching, 2.0,  Effective Teaching Power Pack, 2.0, 3.0, Lesson Planning: From Writing Objectives to Selecting Instructional Programs and How to Write Learning Objectives


The following unsolicited statements are posted here to give you some idea of how the program is used and regarded by others. I truly appreciate the very positive feedback I have received from actual users, arranged from most current to the earliest received.

"This was the best money I ever spent for an educational resource. That you for making your impressive knowledge available. I am absolutely sure this program will help me become a better teacher when I graduate next year. Hypatia, Akron."

"Thanks for all your help/ excellent program!
I am already improving!
I am a new  ESL/Spanish High School Teacher. Eva, NJ"

"Very helpful and written with the user in mind. Any one who wants to become a professional teacher should have this program. It is so good on so many levels. Ariadne, Minnesota."

"Thanks for this very well written, insightful and helpful program. You have a great talent for explaining things, and after going through the program, and especially the part on learning objectives, I feel 100% more confident in my ability to communicate to my students and principal. Your emphasis on clear communication is spot on! Cassie, Florida"

"Hands down, this is an awesome set of tools that really helped me in my studies to become a teacher. Thanks. Alicia, Miami."

"One of the most useful programs I've seen. You explain things in an easy to understand way, and yet the content is professional and thorough. This helped me understand in ways that allowed me to both do things such as write learning objectives, and also explain to others what I learned. A great combination of skills and understandings that any teacher would find very helpful. Julia, Indianapolis."

"Thank you for writing in such depth and with such clarity. I love the way you really get at what things mean, and how we all need to be much clearer. Your explanation of the difference between "will be able to" and "will" when composing objectives is golden. Ron, Ohio."

"I bought the new Effective Teaching Power Pack 3 for an education course I am taking. I'd just like to say that this is a terrific product. The part on how to write learning objectives and classroom management were especially helpful, and very clearly written. The section on teaching for understanding was a real eye opener. Thanks so much. Gloria."

"Dr. Kizlik:

I am once again writing goals and objectives for my masters at Walden University and once again, I am reading your educational material.  I felt compelled to write you and thank you for the tremendous amount of work and time you have invested in this project. I cannot say why or how the material works so well for me; however, the fundamental truth is there is no better set of organized material that makes as much sense.  

I would encourage anyone who is struggling with writing goals and objectives to study your material; particularly, when English is not their first language.   I tell all new students to look this information up and to encourage educators as well to purchase the CD.  It has become a reference for my work with the most frequented page being the verbs and definitions page.

Thank you again for your help and kindness when you called me way back on Memorial day of last year as I struggled to down load the CD.   Jenny "

"This program reminds me of an excellent microbrew beer. It is not some concoction put together by a committee, but rather a thoughtful, concise explanation of essential information that teachers need to know. The section on how to write learning objectives is about the best I've seem, and the way the information is presented does not boggle the mind. An excellent product at a really great price. Seth, Cleveland"

"Your Effective Teaching Power Pack is an excellent example of a practical program that is invaluable as a resource for college teaching courses. You explain the information in a way that makes sense, and that reinforces what I have learned in my courses. I learned so much from reading and doing the exercises. I now realize just how important it is to communicate very clearly. Thank you for making this wonderful program available, and I look forward to other resources you may develop. Tanya, Chicago."

"Dr. Kizlik:

 I have read the learning objectives and the behavioral verbs. To my delight my current class is now making sense. How something as simple as a verb, which can change the entire document and the intended objective, can be so hard to apply correctly is a burden that is easier to manage with your program.  I am very grateful you called and helped me through this tough spot. Invariably struggling with something as simple as verbs makes me feel like I do not know English at all. It is embarrassing to say in the least; it slows the entire process of learning and teaching.  I must say this would be a great link for everyone that writes to present in public and for those of us who write orientation manuals. 

Please accept my sincerest thanks and gratitude at a time of greatest importance for my success in this class. I will go ahead and purchase the second set in CD form so that I can use it with my charge nurse at work as she is developing our orientation manual for the Cardiovascular Labs. It is a small price to pay for the wealth of information; further sharing of the information would cause me to feel a thief if I did not purchase the CD. 


Blessings on you and yours have a wonderful weekend holiday.


Jenny, Oregon"

"Dr. Kizlik: Thank you for your quick response and concern.  I did see an example of your program-my mentor at the college spoke very highly of it, so please do send the link.  I am sure I will use it in the future.  It is nice to receive good customer service.  Thank you again for your concern. Rebecca"

"Hands down, one of the most useful, wonderfully written educational products I have ever bought. You cut to the chase, and that makes it all the move valuable. Barry, Vancouver, B.C."

"I just wanted to tell you how valuable the Effective Teaching Power Pack has been for me. I am in my last year of my program in elementary education, and we have used your program as a supplement. It is simply wonderful. You really have a knack for explaining things very clearly and I am now able to do some basic things because of what you provided. Tammy, Atlanta"

"Thanks for making this available. You really pack a lot of great information and ideas into the program, and your way of explaining is terrific. The part on writing learning objectives is worth the price alone. Five stars!. Henry, St. Louis"

"I am not a teacher, but I bought your program as a way of quickly reading about what you describe on your site. I spent time going through the exercises and reflecting on what you describe, and now I have a much, much better idea of what it takes to be a teacher. I feel this is what I want to do, and for that, I thank you. Lucy, Miami"

"Dr. Kizlik, I purchased the Effective Teaching Power Pack 2.0 program a week ago, and although I am not quite finished with it, I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful, informative product it is. We are using it next semester, and I wanted to get a head start, and it was really eye-opening and you explain things in an incredible way. Thank you. Sharona, Los Angeles"

"Rock solid, reliable and written in a way that is both professional and easy to understand. It has wide application to all subjects and grade levels. This is a great set of tools. Maureen, Cork, Ireland"

"This is a invaluable resource for people preparing to become teachers, and it is also very useful for new and experienced teachers, as it can open their eyes to some new insights. Your writing is exceptionally clear and to the point, making it easy to understand. Thanks for making this available at such a reasonable price. Matt, Indianapolis"

"Dr. Kizlik, your program explains exactly what you describe on the web page. It is very clear, and written in a way that really helps. The exercises on how to write objectives are excellent. The examples and descriptions you provide helped me better realise what I'm doing, and to be better prepared. Thank you so very much."  Terry, Oxfordshire, UK"

"Anyone who wants to become a teacher should get this. It is a great tutorial on writing objectives, but it is also a wonderful resource that covers the info new teachers really need to have. I liked the classroom management and lesson planning parts very much, and I can see how they will be very helpful when I begin teaching. Thanks. Marie, Queens, N Y"

"Thank you so much! It's an excellent tool and I want to review it for my faculty. Roselee, Warwick, PA."

"Thanks again for your time and help. This is the best guideline information I have acquired. It will help our SLO team. Thank you for making it available. Regards, Jennifer Santa Clara, CA"

"I bought this for a college course I'm taking. I spent a few hours with it, and all I can say is you really get at the fundamentals in a great, cool way. You write very well and take the time to explain so that I understand much better. One of the best resources for an aspiring teacher (elementary) out there. Cassandra, Chicago."

"This is maybe the most useful program I've ever seen for new teachers. It is also an excellent resource for inservice meetings and for principals as well. Devon, Suffolk, Virginia"

"Your program is excellent! You have a great way of explaining and I feel much more confident when I write learning objectives and make lesson plans. It's worth twice what you charge. Thanks. Sara, Tacoma, WA."

"The Effective Teaching Power Pack is one of the most useful tools for new teachers I have ever seen, and your price makes it an unbeatable bargain. I will be using it with students in a teaching methods course.  Ann, Los Angeles."

Dr. Kizlik,

"I've just purchase your product and I am instantly delighted with it. I am interested in using your product to train about 25 teachers who will teach various subjects. George, Bossier City, LA."

"Nicely done. Your way of explaining what to do and how to do it is amazing. We used this in a course on methods of teaching and it was truly a wonderful resource. David, Valdosta, Ga."

"This a terrific product. The section on dealing with parents is so good, and I plan to take your advice, as this area is so important. Thanks from Jennifer, Akron, Ohio."

"I think I was the first customer for your Effective Teaching Power Pack program. I am learning to be a teacher and I can say this program of yours is simply incredible! You explain things so well, and do not write in an unnecessarily complicated way. Your information is like having a course on a single CD. Thanks for such a useful program. Emily, Richmond, Va."

"You developed a wonderful program for learning and understanding lesson planning and writing objectives. I appreciate your many examples and great explanations. I look forward to your development of other tools for soon to be teachers. Hector, Phoenix, AZ."

"Dr. Kizlik,

 Thank you so very much for your assistance with the download of this wonderful program. I was able to download it and begin working on writing my lesson plans for my The Learning Process class. I do not need the CD copy of this program and am therefore cancelling my request for the copy. 

Once again thank you for creating this fantastic learning device.  I have told several of my classmates about your program and have shared your URL address so they can check it out. Amber, Dallas, TX"

"Thanks for a great program. It is good to see an independent such as you produce something that rivals anything produced by the big publishers, and at a fraction of their price. Worth every penny! Preston, Miami, FL."

"This is good stuff. You are so right about teachers needing to communicate clearly and effectively. Your program is a godsend."

"You have created a terrific program. It works just the way you describe on your website. As an education major, I can honestly say it's a refreshing break from a lot of what is out there. You write as though we have brains, and I like that. Thank you. Lisa, New York."

"We bought this for corporate training purposes to help our trainers learn how to write clearly and communicate effectively. Your program, although aimed at the K-12 area, is unsurpassed for helping anyone learn how to write and communicate effectively. Highly recommended. Larry, Vancouver, BC."

"A really helpful resource. You really show how important it is to be specific and clear in our planning and teaching. Great examples and exercises. And, the section on goal ranking is fantastic. What a neat idea, and it makes perfect sense."

"I ordered the CD of your 2008 version that includes information on writing assessments and goal ranking. I have not quite finished with all the reading and exercises, but I will say your program is simply excellent. It is well written, comprehensive, and to the point. One of the best investments I ever made in preparing to become a teacher. Tamara, Jacksonville, FL"

"Thank you for creating this. It is a serious tool, but you took the time to explain everything, and your examples are great. I also appreciate that you answered a question I had by email the same day, and it was right to the point. I recommend it to all my friends."

"I'll tell you, the section on lesson planning alone is worth the price. Your advice and explanations are a joy to read and apply. I also think your tutorial on how to write learning objectives is the best anywhere. My professor recommends your program as a supplement in our course on instructional practices. Thanks."

"Hands down, you have the best program out there. It is well written, very thoughtful and is an excellent tool for beginner and expert alike, which is no small feat! You have my respect and admiration."

"Dear Dr. Kizlik,

This is a program that works just as you said. It's like a whole course on some really important stuff for teachers to know. I'm just starting out and your program has made a world of difference."

"Somewhere on the Internet I read a glowing review of your program and decided to purchase it. You have provided a truly professional resource that actually works as it is described. I am a new teacher, and never really learned this skill in my college courses. I only wish I had your program when I first began my teacher preparation. Many thanks."

"I have used other programs to learn how to write learning objectives, but until I got yours, I never really understood the underlying reasons and none of the others even comes close to yours in terms of teaching the skills. Your program is a wonderful addition to my skills toolbox. In addition, the sections on lesson planning and selecting instructional programs are gems. Thanks for developing this program."

"Your wonderful program is the gold standard for learning how to write learning objectives with a simply great explanation of the lesson planning process. Our professor was a former student of yours, and it shows. Thank you so much."

"Dr. Kizlik:

Your program on how to write learning objectives with the sections on lesson planning and selecting instructional programs is really great. I almost never comment on Internet purchases, but for this I must make an exception. You explain in a thorough way with an economy of words the background for these skills and the part on how to write learning objectives develops the skill. As an education major, your program is an important part of my program. Thanks, and thanks for keeping the price affordable."

"Your program should be required for all education majors, regardless of the subject or level they want to teach. It is clear, practical, and very professional."

"I just ordered and have begun to use the new program on Lesson Planning - from writing objectives to selecting instructional programs. Wow! I want to thank you so much for this. You have opened my eyes to some important concepts, and your program is easy to follow, but it teaches how to write and communicate like a professional teacher. Worth every penny."

"Dear Dr. Kizlik,

 I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know about an observation I had in my classroom this past week. I had a set of behavioral objectives modeled after your How To Write Learning Objectives program I purchased a few months ago. As I have just recently begun teaching in my mid 40's, I often times feel that I am not near as effective as many of my colleagues in the same age group who have had twenty or so years to practice their craft. I was tickled when the administrator ranted and raved about my lesson, how the formative assessment was built into the lesson plan and how she wished she could "bottle it," as many teachers do not practice this. Even those who have been in the profession for 20 or so years it seems. You can be sure I will bring news of your program with me to the post observation meeting.

 Thanks so much from the new kid in the classroom. Maryann, Dayton, OH"

"Thank you so very much for creating this program. At last, I "get it." You are so right about learning objectives, their importance and structure. I now have a new skill that should serve me well."

"I ordered the version with the criteria for selection of instructional programs. All I can say is it was an extra dollar well spent. You have a wonderful way of explaining things without being wordy. The info on how to write objectives is the best I've seen."

"The best program I've seen for this skill. Nothing on the Internet comes close. I wish I'd had a class with you. Thanks much."

"Your program makes so much sense. What a breath of fresh air in helping me both understand the rationale for, as well as build real skill in developing learning objectives. A value by any measure."

"I can't thank you enough for this program that teaches how to write learning objectives. It is one of the core, fundamental skills that all teachers need. Your program is the best!"

"This is absolutely one of the best self instructional programs I've ever bought. You have a way of guiding the learner through from basic understanding to real skill in this important area of teacher competency. Thank you so much for a wonderful product."

"Dear. R.J. Kizlik,

My instructor recently allowed me to utilize your CD on How to Write Learning Objectives. He had purchased several copies to aid students with writing behavioral objectives. I just wanted to let you know how beneficial this information was to me. Thanks for your product."

"Solid, solid, solid. Well-written, practical, and most of all, it teaches the user how to really express instructional intent in clear, unambiguous language. An excellent value. Thanks."

"The step-by-step approach of this program is an ideal blend of theory and practice. I am in the medical field and have found the principles, exercises, and format extremely useful and the program is easily generalized to non-education topics. Five stars!"

"Thank you for making this program available. It will be part of my professional toolbox for years to come. I really learned a lot and developed a new skill."

"I thought I knew about writing learning objectives. Your program opened my eyes and provided a sound foundation as well as excellent practice. Thanks for a great addition to professional resources."

"Thanks for making such a useful program available for a reasonable price. I followed directions and was able to download it with ease. Everything works just as you said. Even two weeks after finishing it, I'm still seeing new applications for my own growth. The skills are so fundamental to teaching. Thank you so much for developing this."

"The step by step format allows me to write perfect objectives for just about anything."

"One of the best investments I've made in my education. You explained everything and guided me through the parts. I now feel confident that I can compose learning objectives that actually meet professional standards."

"Your program is part of my course syllabus. I bought it the first day of classes, and I have found it to be invaluable. There is such a wealth of information in it that I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to write and think clearly about educational outcomes and curriculum."

"This is a really neat program. It works exactly as described. Easy to install and you will find many examples and applications. As a bonus, the program is a valuable resource for learning how to express yourself clearly and unambiguously. Thanks for a great resource for teachers and students."

"You have prepared a scholarly piece of work that synthesizes a variety of ideas into a manageable framework. Your calculated sequence, which gradually delivers more complex information, presents the content in a no nonsense style. I particularly liked your examples (non-examples!) ... "

"You have done a TERRIFIC job in laying out an all-too-forgotten set of skills that are critical to the success of students and their teachers. I really like it!!! Thanks for including verb definitions, specialized verbs (psychomotor and content-specific), sample learning activities, practice exercises, and answer keys. I especially liked how you took a SSS benchmark and broke it down into instructional objectives. All are very helpful."

"A great program that provides both theory and practice. One cannot help but improve as a result of your program. It worked flawlessly. Highly recommended."

"I wish I had this when I started my teacher program. It really works and it helped me think in a professional way about how to express my intentions for student learning. Great examples of how to do this for any subject, and an excellent value."

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