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The following is a menu of user-written commentary on education. Some of these are papers written by former graduate students.  If you have an idea for a contribution to this menu, please e-mail Dr. Bob Kizlik with your idea. ADPRIMA will publish well-written, thoughtful papers in this section. You will receive additional instructions when you contact Dr. Kizlik. I will say this, though: looking at all the current (03-21-2014) furor about "improving education" and education reform" and "failing schools" there is really very little being proposed that is new and an improvement. The same things were being said back in the 1960s when I became a teacher. What we are missing is  an understanding of the fundamentals, and that  there are really no alternatives to good teachers who are masters of their subject matter and who have both a passion for teaching and the skills to make that passion pay off for their students.. That's it. No shortcuts, gimmicks or magic bullets. In a sense, that's what ADPRIMA is about. Enjoy.

Bob Kizlik

Connective Transactions - Technology and Thinking Skills for the 21st. Century
Education Student Portfolios - A commentary.
Student Portfolios - Another View
Mauritz Johnson's Schema for Curriculum
Elementary Curriculum: A Janus Look
Distance Education Aptitude and Readiness Scale (DEARS)
Criteria for Improvement in Education

Newton's Mental Model--How does it affect action habits?
Is There a Difference Between Standardization and Language Intensive Education?
Generation Y Wants to Like, Teach

NEW! Curriculum and Curriculum Issues 

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